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The latest CD has also been reviewed in Alt Country NL, Dutch magazine and Le Cri Du Coyote, French magazine!!

As a pin-up sets Eryn Shewell in the bedroom to us. On Eryn Shewell (Rewbie Music) are 10 songs with elements of soul, blues and pop. Sometimes she does as a singer to find her very best connection to modern arrenbie. Fortunately, there is still a guitarist who draws fiercely. Jazz with full round tones of a horn section provides the CD Afraid Of The Dark. Or is she really afraid, is doubtful. Shewell traveling for several years along the clubs…

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Fantastic review in FOLKWORLD German magazine! 

Fantastic review in FOLKWORLD German magazine!

Eryn Shewell "Eryn Shewell" Rewbie Music, 2014

She plays excellent guitar boasts an enormous voice and also looks damn good. What do they want more. Eryn Shewell would have there been any wishes. Success with her ​​music, for example. A few prices has already cleared, but the big breakthrough in the radio charts can still awaited. Their fourth album bears her name as the title. She herself posing on…Read more

New Album review by Från Wolfgang Giese! 

The Rock Times 
The Netherlands

Zwei Platten von Eryn Shewell aus Washington DC wurden bereits von uns vorgestellt. Nanu, hat sich hinsichtlich der Darstellung der Sängerin auf Cover und Booklet musikalisch gar eine Änderung ergeben? Das schaut so ein wenig nach 'Glamour Country' oder vielleicht auch ein wenig Rockabilly aus. Auf jeden Fall zeigt sie sich offensichtlich gern etwas im Stil von Pin-ups vergangener Tage.Dabei startet die Platte ganz anders…Read more

We're playing on the radio in The Netherlands!  

My latest album has been recently picked up by a few radio stations over in The Netherlands and that is very exciting for us!  

- Blues & Friends, Dutch radio 

- Delta Rhythm, Dutch radio

-Harky In English, Dutch radio

-Muziek En Toch, Dutch Radio

- Paul van Gelder, Dutch radio

- RadioGirl, Dutch radio more

Amazing Album Review by Phil Rainone!! 

Eryn Shewell (
Eryn Shewell has the brassy allure of a contemporary artist like Imelda May or Joss Stone, and road-tested moxie of Susan Tedesci. She can play it sweet and sexy like on “Fall,” or get down and dirty like on “Suck it Up,” without missing a beat. It’s very much a natural talent rather than a forced one.

Every song on her self-titled album is catchy with a nod toward bubblegum simplicity, but that’s a very good thing! Underneath all that is an undeniably engaging band that helps…Read more