The Sensuous Sound Of  Eryn Shewell

 Published on Friday, 02 August 2013 22:02

Written by Dominic "Donnie G." Gregoria


Eryn Shewell has been entertaining audiences with her blues-infected vocal gymnastics for quite some time now. Born in Washington, D.C., Shewell has been singing in a professional manner since the age of 13. She has toured extensively, covering areas that included the Jersey Shore, Nashville and New Orleans. While in New Orleans, Shewell added a vocal touch to Walter “Wolfman” Washington’s album “Doing The Funky Thing.”

Currently residing in East Windsor, Shewell contributed background vocals to Jody Joseph and the Average Joes. She has also recorded and performed with Glen Burtnik, Marcia Ball, Sonny Landreth and Bernard Purdie. She is currently represented by Blue Raven Entertainment.

Last year, Shewell decided to disband The Eryn Shewell Band, presenting us this year with Eryn Shewell and the Whiskey Devils. Shewell’s vocals are more intoxicating than any whiskey ever produced, even during Prohibition. The Whiskey Devils consist of Pat Slidell (guitars), Donna McPherson (bass), Jake O’Handley (drums) and Adam Glen (keyboards).

Shewell recently performed for the producers of “America’s Got Talent.” “It was in a freezing New York City warehouse,” explained Shewell. While we are not going to see an appearance by Shewell on the current season of the show, it will be their loss!

On June 2nd, Shewell released her 4th album of songs. This self-titled release was celebrated at McLoone’s Supper Club in Asbury Park to a very receptive crowd. All of the songs are original with the exception of the last cut, “I Wish I Was In New Orleans,” written by Tom Waits. While taking the liberty to adjust some of the lyrics to match her sentiment, this final song fits perfectly with her new vintage look as she sings, “And I’ll wear the dress you like so well. And meet you at the old saloon. Make sure there’s a Dixie moon. New Orleans, I’ll be there.”

“I love old movies, old music and old looks,” stated Shewell. “I love Hitchcock films and Jean Harlow.” She listed some of her musical influences as Susan Tedeschi, Etta James, Aretha Franklin and Adele. “I am also inspired by my daughter and family,” continued Shewell. “My mom and dad were very musical. I have a 1956 Guild (guitar) that my grandfather gave me.”

“Most of my inspiration comes from life,” added Shewell. “Some (songs) are inspired by others. ‘Relax To Sleep’ was written for my daughter. I would like people to relate and get the vibe I’m trying to send out. They should feel good about themselves.”

Shewell is a young person with an old soul. She takes the listener on a rollercoaster ride of emotions on her latest release. We experience the broken heart with “Suck It Up.” But those lustful thoughts reenter our mind with “Breathe In.” A blues shuffle takes us on a walk down memory lane as we long for that past love in “High School Sweet Heart.” It takes a swing beat to bring out the pain that exists in our hearts with “Afraid Of The Dark.”

Shewell’s sultry vocals draw the listener into her world, and once you are there, escape becomes nearly impossible. Who would want to come up for air after being drawn in to the musical cornucopia of this spiritual and soulful vocal gymnast.

Besides , this new release will also be available for purchase at and iTunes. Experience the nostalgia that is Eryn Shewell, with a modern twist.

On Friday, July 12th, Shewell will be appearing at the Freedom Fest State Fair at NJ Horse Park in Allentown. Located at 626 Route 524, show time is 8pm. On Thursday, July 25th, Shewell will be performing at the Keyport Summer Concert Series at the Keyport Mini Park. Located at 45 West Front Street, show time is at 6pm. In August, Shewell will be appearing at the Metuchen Rocks! Summer Concert Series on the 22nd. Held on Metuchen’s Summer Stage, Shewell hits the spotlight at 8pm. Recommendation: See her at one of these shows before some major record company makes it impossible to find affordable tickets for her shows.